About Us

What is ConsiderBeyond.

ConsiderBeyond wants to make sustainability easy for consumers and businesses by providing information that helps them understand, respond and make better decisions. It is a global one-stop platform with a mission to connect conscious consumers and conscious brands worldwide. ConsiderBeyond is a knowledge platform for consumers to get exposed to more information on what the brands stand for and curated information aligned with their personal values. We are on a mission to see all consumers and businesses to make informed decisions to bring together a positive impact to our world.

Why is ConsiderBeyond important.

Each person has own personal values and envisioned lifestyles, yet it is not easy to find relevant information to live a conscious lifestyle and take real actions. There are not enough time to do in-depth research about brands and ways to pursue your consicous lifestyle tailored to your values. ConsiderBeyond makes it the easy option to do this by providing a mobile-optimized user experience, creating a open knowledge platform. Such information is getting ever more powerful

How do you select which brands to feature?

We have our own impact assessment tool and selection process. Over time, we built our own database of brands around the world, that we consider putting great effort to bring positive impact to our world. We take a more generous approach, rather than a narrow one, when selecting the brands because we believe that by doing so, we are encouraging these brands and others to follow to thrive further and move one step forward. As human beings we are not perfect, and neither are brands. It is hard to be a 'perfect' brand, since all things are evolving, so we want to be the ones that encourage brands not criticize them. However, we promise you we do our best to do thorough research before introducing any brand in our platform.

What are the Values and Categories featured in ConsiderBeyond?

There are seven values (Responsible Business, Gives Back, Less Waste, Animal Welfare, Empower Others, Climate Protection, Healthy Living) and six categories (Baby & Kids, Beauty, Fashion, Food, Lifestyle, Household) featured in ConsiderBeyond.

What is the function 'tag' in ConsiderBeyond?

We are adding relevant tags for each brands listed in ConsiderBeyond. Each brand often have multiple tags tailored to its values. In the future, we strive to improve the search function by tag so that you can get access to information easily. The above list of the tags are not fixed, so please give us feedback if you wish to add a new tag to any of the listed brands.

How do I use ConsiderBeyond to find the best brands suited to me?

You can discover brands and content aligned with your values by selecting values at signup stage or go to profile page to change your values selection.

What is the definition of 'conscious', 'impact' and 'sustainable' brands for ConsiderBeyond?

There are numerous definitions and standards in this space. At ConsiderBeyond, we define 'conscious', 'impact' and 'sustainable' brands as consumer companies that puts extra effort to address environmental or/and social challenges through their services, and products. These brands are purpose-driven and committed to bringing positive changes through their products, services and business models.

Where do you get the information about each brand?

We collect all the relevant information available publicly such as company websites, credible third party reports and third-party verifications. Our information reflects the view of current date and will be frequently updated and can be corrected. Our information should not be construed as investment advice or seen as marketing material. While the data is from sources we believe to be reliable, we make no representation as to the completeness or accuracy of the data.

Why does ConsiderBeyond focus on showing the verifications of the brands?

Most brands featured in ConsiderBeyond are verified by the third-party verification system such as B corp, 1% for the Planet, EWG Verified, Better Cotton Initiative, Global Recycled Standard, Carbon Trust and more. There are various movements in developing a set of standards to distinguish conscious impact companies. Yet these studies are still in progress and we are also in progress of finding the best way to analyze impact conscious brands. ConsiderBeyond uses verifications created by credible third party agencies to recognize the consumer brands that meets high social and environmental standards. These verifications help us to analyze and verify further to distinguish conscious brands. We do recognize that these verifications are not perfect and may have certain limitations. We are  constantly getting advices from the experts to find the best solution as we move forward. Each brand often have multiple verifications, if you tap the image of the verification, you are provided with what the verification stands for. To learn more, please go to 'verifications' in the profile page of our app.

Why does the ConsiderBeyond app ask for my location?

ConsiderBeyond ask information about your location in order to provide relevant information about 'Shipping Availability'. Once you provide your location information, we plan to provide customed messages for you to check whether a brand can ships to where you are.

I wish to recommend a brand which is not listed in ConsiderBeyond.

Thank you so much for your recommendation and helping improve ConsiderBeyond! Please fill out 'Recommend a Brand' page in the Profile page. We will be so happy to hear from you!

I wish to contact ConsiderBeyond team to discuss about partnerships.

We welcome all kinds of partnerships! Please emails us at Can't wait to hear from you!

I have other questions and feedback. How can I contact?

We are happy to hear any feedback you might have! You can send your feedback via our app or email us at We are continuously developing and improving with your feedback. Please fill out 'Feedback form' page in the Profile page. We will do our best to fulfill your request and answer your questions asap.