7 Organic Pads and Tampons for Your Safe and Conscious Menstrual Care

August 2, 2023

Talking about menstrual care and being mindful of related issues such as period poverty is often overlooked, if not stigmatized. Here are 7 brands who seek to bring change through their mission and mindfully designed safe and eco-friendly period pads and tampons. Learn more about how these brands are sustainable on the ConsiderBeyond app.

1. Cora

Instagram | @our.cora
Based in | United States
Shipping | United States
Certifications | B Corp, Global Organic Textile Standard (GOTS), STANDARD 100 by OEKO-tex, Leaping Bunny
Subscription | Quaterly

Cora believes every woman on the planet deserves to experience the full power of her female body with dignity and agency, starting with her period. Cora offers safe and healthy organic menstrual products, and for every month's supply of products purchased they provide a month's supply of pads to girls in need in developing countries.

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Photo by Cora

2. Dame. 

Instagram | @dameforgood
Based in | United Kingdom
Shipping | United States
Certifications | B Corp, Vegan Society
Subscription | Pack of 34 for $11 every 2-4 months (UK only)

Dame. offers organic cotton tampons free of plastic, synthetics, and harsh chemicals in wrappers that are made from biodegradable cellphone which is made from responsibly sourced wood pulp. You can use Dame.’s reusable applicators that contains active Sanipolymers™, which stop 99.9% of bacteria on contact and keep it sanitary at all times. 

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Photo by Dame.

3. August

Instagram | @itsaugust
Based in | United States
Shipping | United States, Canada
Subscription | Monthly (Free shipping), Quarterly (15% off)

August is all about eliminating period stigma and democratizing access to period care. They work with trusted manufacturing partners that are transparent about meeting high ethical and environmental standards to source certified organic cotton. Every purchase made at August contributes to period povert reducing initiatives and taking a stand against the “tampon tax”, a sales tax imposed on period products.

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Photo by August

4. Lola

Instagram | @lola
Based in | United States
Shipping | United States
Subscription | Monthly, Quarterly, Half-yearly (up to 20% off)

Lola is driven to create period and sexual wellness products with high quality and transparent ingredients. You can select from a wide range of options from organic cotton pads and liners, compact, cardboard, and non-applicator tampons, to vaginal health and sexual wellness essentials.

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Photo by Lola

5. Here We Flo

Instagram | @hereweflo
Based in | United Kingdom
Shipping | United Kingdom
Subscription | 3~8 week options (16% off)
Certifications | PETA Curelty Free, Vegan Society Approved

Here We Flo offers OEKO-tex certified bamboo and organic cotton pad, liner, and tampons in plant-based biodegradable wrappers that are more planet friendly. They donate products 5% of profits charities, and you can also donate 1% of your purchase to a nonprofit of your choice during checkout. 

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Photo by Here We Flo

6. Viv

Instagram | @vivforyourv
Based in | United States
Shipping | United States, Canada
Subscription | 3~10 week options (5% off)

Viv is dedicated to offering safe and eco-friendly menstrual products and combat the stigmas around periods. Viv pads and liners are made of natural corn fiber for softness and bamboo fiber for absorption which are both grown without using harmful pesticides and chemicals, and they biodegrade 150 days after disposal (including the wrapper).

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Photo by Viv

7. Aunt Flow

Instagram | @goauntflow
Based in | United States
Shipping | Worldwide

Aunt Flow's mission is to fight period poverty and stigma and is committed to ensuring everyone has access to period products. They help businesses and schools sustainably provide quality period products for free in public bathrooms by offering freely accessible period product dispensers filled with 100% organic cotton tampons and pads. For every 10 tampons and pads they sell, they donate 1 to a menstruator in need.

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Model R Dispenser Aunt Flow
Photo by Aunt Flow

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