8 Brands that Take Back and Resell Your Pre-loved Items

May 14, 2023

To push for circularity, more brands are initiating a resale program where customers can buy pre-loved items and sell their used items for store credit. Here are 8 brands that are taking this step to close the loop and keep the products in circulation and out of landfills. Learn more about how these brands are sustainable on the ConsiderBeyond app.

1. Mara Hoffman

Instagram | @marahoffman
Based in | United States
Shipping | Worldwide
Certifications | Global Organic Textile Standard (GOTS), STANDARD 100 by Oeko-Tex

Mara Hoffman is on a mission to reduce the impact on our planet and to generate greater awareness of the fashion industry’s responsibility to climate justice. When it comes to materials, they choose natural, recycled, and organic fabrics. Mara Hoffman’s Full Circle Marketplace ensures that high-quality Mara Hoffman garments enjoy multiple lives.

Shop Mara Hoffman’s Full Circle Marketplace

Photo by Mara Hoffman

2. Outerknown

Instagram | @outerknown
Based in | United States
Shipping | Worldwide
Certifications | Fair Trade Certified

Outerknown envisions their clothing to contribute to a world where people and the planet prosper. Their clothing is centered on fair labor, sustainability innovation, and circularity through community engagement and activism. If you're ready to clear out your closet or looking to add some signature styles, you can now buy AND sell pre-loved Outerknown pieces through Outerknown’s Outerworn platform. 

Shop Outerknown's Outerworn

Photo by Outerknown

3. Another Tomorrow

Instagram | @anothertomorrow
Based in | United States
Shipping | Worldwide
Certifications | B Corporation, 1% for the Planet, Climate Neutral Certified, Global Organic Textile Standard (GOTS), Global Recycled Standard (GRS)

Another Tomorrow promotes a circular economy through business principles of community, transparency, and tech innovation. Their Authenticated Resale is aimed, in part, at reducing the production of new clothes. You can scan the QR code on the care/content label to view the provenance journey of each piece and activate it for resale. 

Shop Another Tomorrow’s Authenticated Resale

Photo by Another Tomorrow

4. Arnhem

Instagram | @arnhem_clothing
Based in | Australia
Shipping | Worldwide
Certifications | B Corporation

Arnhem brings beautiful, vibrant, feminine clothes made with respect for people and the planet. This means improving sustainability efforts such as launching more collections with reduced environmental impact and sharing progress on supply chain transparency. 

Shop Arnhem’s Circulate

Photo by Arnhem


Instagram | @shopredone
Based in | United States
Shipping | Worldwide

RE/DONE seeks to restore individuality to the luxury space, keep heritage brands relevant, and create sustainable, mindful fashion, With more than half of the products being upcycled or recycled, they seek to advance their ethics of process, product, people, and the planet. At RE/SELL, you can give your pre-owned RE/DONEs a second chance at life and receive store credit worth 80% of your selling price.  


Photo by Re/done

6. Misha & Puff

Instagram | @misha_and_puff
Based in | United States
Shipping | Worldwide
Certifications | Responsible Wool Standard (RWS)

Misha & Puff takes pride in using the highest quality materials, responsible sourcing, and conscious production practices. They use below-impact dyes and organic fabrics and work with artisan cooperatives and partners in Peru to deliver quality hand-knit garments and handmade shoes. You can shop and sell rare and archival Misha & Puff styles at their resale platform, the Loop.

Shop Misha & Puff’s Loop

Photo by Misha & Puff

7. Minaal

Instagram | @minaalofficial
Based in | New Zealand
Shipping | Worldwide

Born in New Zealand, Minaal was founded with the mission to create backpacks and accessories that make work and travel more enjoyable. Minaal’s Marketplace refurbished gear comes with a lifetime warranty – and when you buy used gear, you’ll receive 10% of your purchase amount back to you as store credit. For selling your own used gear, you will receive 150% store credit. Available only in the USA for now.

Shop Minaal’s Marketplace 

Photo by Minaal

8. Peak Design

Instagram | @peakdesign
Based in | United States
Shipping | Worldwide

Peak Design carry solutions that help creatives, commuters, and adventurers keep their gear accessible, organized, and protected. They continuously improve their practices by increasing the use of responsible fiber, understanding and accounting for a product’s entire lifecycle, and implementing a design that extends usefulness as long as possible.

Shop Peak Design’s Marketplace

Photo by Peak Design

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