8 Eco-Friendly Swimwear Brands for Your Next Beach Day

May 14, 2023

Finding a set of eco-friendly swimwear with the perfect fit and color is something we all must do for the summer, which is why we couldn’t help but find cute, eco-friendly swimwear brands for the next swimming day at the pool or beach. Here are 8 swimwear brands that use ECONYL®, regenerated nylon from the waste collected from post-consumption and oceans. Learn more about how these brands are sustainable on the ConsiderBeyond app.

1. BĀMBA Swim

Instagram | @bambaswim
Based in | Australia
Shipping | Worldwide

BĀMBA Swim takes its inspiration from empowered women in the 80s. They committed to making women feel comfortable in their own skin as well as environmental change and sustainability. By partnering with ECONYL® and Repreve, BĀMBA Swim ensures all fabrics used are high-quality recycled materials such as regenerated nylon and recycled performance fiber.

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Photo by BĀMBA Swim

2. Jade Swim

Instagram | @jadeswim
Based in | United States
Shipping | Worldwide

Jade Swim focuses on using sustainable fabrics (ECONYL®), practicing conscious production, and providing biodegradable packaging with recycled plastic. They are reducing water usage by offering solid-colored fabrics. The products are also made using Oeko-Tex certified and Azo tested fabrics which ensures that there are no hazardous chemicals used in dyeing the fabric.

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Photo by Jade Swim

3. Bower

Instagram | @bowerswimwear
Based in | United Kingdom
Shipping | Worldwide

Bower was born to respond to a need for modern swimwear that holds functionality. All swimwear products are created using ECONYL®, and 1% of the profits are donated to the Healthy Seas initiative. In designing every piece of Bower they consider the carbon footprint, the impact on the environment, and the safety/wellbeing of those who produce each component that makes our garments.

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Photo by Bower Swimwear

4. Auguste The Label

Instagram | @augustethelabel
Based in | Australia
Shipping | Worldwide

Auguste The Label cares about its impact on the environment and ethical process. They create swimwear using ECONYL, regenerated nylon, taking inspiration from their favorite eras of fashion: from 70s prints to 80s details to 90s silhouettes, and incorporating nostalgia and a love for all things retro to create future vintage pieces.

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Photo by Auguste the Label

5. Elle Evans Swimwear

Instagram | @elleevansswimwear
Based in | Australia
Shipping | Worldwide

Elle Evans designs, prints, and runs made to order in Melbourne, Australia, under sustainable productions using 100% Recycled Nylon ECONYL® and minimizing dead stock fabrics as much as possible. The orders come in compostable packaging and are shipped with carbon-neutral couriers. $1 of every purchase goes to Healthy Seas Initiative.

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Photo by Elle Evans Swim

6. Evarae

Instagram | @evarae_
Based in | United Kingdom
Shipping | Worldwide

Evarae creates classic yet modern swimwear using regenerated nylon, ECONYL, partnering with a small, family-run, independent atelier in Italy. They plant 1 tree per every online order and donate 1% of sales to a charity monthly. Enjoy your ECONYL®-made swimwear with the Ready to wear collection pieces also made with sustainable materials such as Tencel lyocell and organic silk.

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Photo by Evarae


Instagram | @eona.swimwear
Based in | Portugal
Shipping | Portugal, Spain

EONA’s swimwear uses 100% plastic waste materials such as ECONYL and post-consumer recycled linings. They are also striving to minimize the negative impacts associated with manufacturing, including increasing the share of products that are locally manufactured, ensuring fair wages and no child labor, and running a reselling platform for old products (available in Portugal, Spain, and Germany).


Photo by EONA Swimwear

8. Anekdot.

Instagram | @anekdotboutique
Based in | Germany
Shipping | Worldwide

Anekdot transforms exceptional surplus materials and regenerated nylon (ECONYL) into high-quality, limited edition swimwear. Their production takes place in our own atelier in Berlin and with small, woman-owned factories in nearby Poland, supporting local craftswomen while dramatically reducing their carbon footprint. 

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Photo by Anekdot.

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