Sustainable Travel: Sweden’s Sustainable Gem? Exploring Malmö & Stokholm, Sweden

July 25, 2023

Malmo is widely recognized as a leader in sustainability and has implemented several notable sustainability initiatives in the policies, recycling, and urban development to ensure citizens and visitors are receiving the highest level of sustainable practices. Furthermore, Sweden’s third largest city is focusing its urban development on creating climate-neutral districts and decreasing urban sprawl and soil contamination. However, as interesting as reading about the initiatives is, as a visitor, you will be able to truly experience the beauty of a sustainable city.

While Malmö is captivating throughout the year, we believe that late summer is when the city truly shines. With longer days, a hint of crispness in the air, and a vibrant atmosphere, it's the perfect time to explore this eco-friendly haven. Welcome to Exploring Malmö, Sweden, where sustainable practices and natural beauty converge.

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Where to Stay: Immerse yourself in the heart of Malmö's sustainable charm by staying at the Scandic Triangeln. This eco-friendly hotel embraces renewable energy, minimizes waste, and offers a comfortable and environmentally conscious experience.

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Where to Eat: Malmö's culinary scene is a haven for sustainable and organic dining. Start your day at Far i Hatten a delightful garden restaurant offering farm-to-table delights. For a taste of two Mechlin star-recognized Swedish flavors with an eco-conscious twist, visit Vollmers, a renowned restaurant known for its use of local, organic ingredients and sustainable practices.

Exploring Nature: Malmö is blessed with an array of green spaces and nature reserves. Take a leisurely bike ride along the city's extensive network of cycling paths, explore the lush beauty of Kungsparken, or venture to nearby natural gems like Ribersborg Beach and Öresund Bridge (photo) for stunning coastal views. Visitors can also embrace sustainable outdoor activities by joining guided eco-tours that focus on the city's biodiversity and ecological preservation.

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Stockholm is a city closely connectedto nature, and its green spaces are a testament to that. Wander throughDjurgården, an expansive park, and island that offers lush forests, beautifulwaterfront views, and cultural attractions. Explore the picturesque gardens ofRosendals Trädgård, an organic garden and café where you can enjoy seasonaltreats amidst blooming flowers. Take a boat tour to the nearby archipelago,where you can immerse yourself in the pristine nature and serene landscapesthat surround Stockholm.

SustainableShopping: Discover Stockholm's sustainable shopping scene,known for its focus on ethical and eco-friendly products. Stroll through thebeautiful island housing the Södermalm district, home to numerous vintage andsecondhand boutiques where you can find unique, pre-loved treasures.

Get to know Stockholm and Malmö'scommitment to sustainability as you explore its green spaces, savor organiccuisine, enjoy eco-friendly accommodations, and immerse yourself in the city'seco-conscious lifestyle. From lush parks to sustainable shopping, Malmö offersa refreshing and environmentally friendly experience, and Stockholm showcases aunique blend of old and new architecture. We urge you to consider the beauty ofthose Swedish gems while leaving a positive impact on the planet when you’replanning your next trip to Europe.

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