Our Core Sustainability Pillars: What We Look For In Brands

May 14, 2023

Our Focus 

We research, verify and empower brands putting effort into sustainability. ConsiderBeyond aims to conscious brands the spotlight they deserve, by giving them the platform for them to share their stories to worldwide conscious consumers. Vice versa, we introduce the best conscious brands and products into the homes of consumers worldwide, by helping conscious consumers make empowered decisions by helping them learn more about the brand's commitment, proactiveness and transparency towards sustainability.

What we look for: ConsiderBeyond Framework

To take a deep dive on consumer brands, we have a framework and specific indicators we look into to learn and analyze the brands. Our framework is centered around three pillars that guide our mission: 1. Commitment, 2. Transparent Communication, and 3. Proactiveness. We believe that these three pillars are the most important when it comes to evaluating brand's sustainability.

1. Commitment - we look at brands’ dedication over time to not only maintaining, but also improving their sustainable practices within their capacity.

2. Transparent Communication - we look at brands’ ability to communicate their sustainability mission, initiatives and actions with their consumers. Brands can be open about their sustainability progress in the past, present, and how they are moving forward.

3. Proactiveness - we look at brands’ core missions and business models that are oriented toward bettering the environment, communities, consumers experience, etc. It should be clear that brands are aiming to be sustainable in the long run, not solely for positive attention in the short run.

Our framework consists of extensive list of questions that we consider through our own research of publicly available information and through conversations and interaction with the brands. This comprehensive framework of evaluation covers topics such as company diversity and inclusion, supply chain transparency, use of sustainable materials and ingredients, and waste management practices.

Brands We Look For

We look for brands taking part in initiatives that focus on one or more aspects of a business’s sustainability. They seek certifications, innovative solutions, and best practices in these areas to improve their operations compared to non-sustainable businesses and business practices. They may implement sustainability via their business model, i.e. circular economy model, and have both inward and outward facing commitments.

How does it fit into the ConsiderBeyond evaluation process?

We holistically evaluate brands of differing sizes using both quantifiable and descriptive data. Our framework helps us identify areas of excellence in environmental and social impact across a wide range of attributes, from circularity and carbon footprint measurement to clean ingredients and eco-packaging. We use existing third-party certifications that are able to provide certification for brands and/or products on a more granular level as guidelines for our evaluation. We currently incorporate 22 attributes and 43 certifications across all aspects of environmental and social impact into our framework. 

Moving Forward

Over 500 brands and counting have been evaluated with our framework and we are continuously monitoring companies so that we are able to deliver the most current information to our audience. We are always open to evolving along with the industry, as best practices change and sustainable solutions for companies are developed. Nevertheless, our framework is the basis for our overarching goal of educating and empowering consumers so that they have a reliable platform of information about beauty, fashion, and lifestyle brands and of their sustainability efforts. Our framework is improving as the market develops and will change along with the advancement of new regulations, initiatives and market changes.

The Importance of Transparency

We believe there is no perfect sustianable brand. Many brands are doing their best within their capacity and evolving with the market. Given that one of the key principles that we look for in brands that apply to ConsiderBeyond is transparency, we also deeply value transparent information sharing. So, our framework and evaluation process do not aim to set unattainable standards for sustainability or arbitrarily exclude brands. Rather, our unique framework allows us to highlight brands of any size, years of experience, and geographic location that genuinely make an effort to have a positive environmental and/or social impact through their business on any scale.

How can consumers benefit from the ConsiderBeyond framework?

For consumers, our framework translates into an approachable and user-friendly evaluation of brands on the app (App Store; Google Play) and our website’s brand directory, where they can look up their favorite sustainable brands and discover hundreds of new ones. Each brand will have relevant brand descriptions, easily accessible social links, and information of what attributes and certifications they may have that support their sustainability claims. Consumers can easily use our unique methodology to supplement their own research of conscious brands that align with their own values.

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