Our Story

The Birth

We were born with a good heart and intention.

Our founder, Esther Kim, has worked in sustainability management and the ESG (Environmental, Social and Governance) data space for over a decade - analyzing businesses on how responsible they are towards our society and the environment.

We are now a growing global team working continuously to bring better information and a communicative platform for conscious consumers.

At ConsiderBeyond, we...


Equip you with the resources needed

Curated information to help you pursue a conscious lifestyle based on your values.


Connect you to conscious brands

Brands are putting efforts to be more responsible. We wish to connect these conscious brands with conscious consumers.


Empower a generation

A platform where like-minded conscious fellows can empower each other in action and in mind. We strive to cultivate a global community.

Conscious lifestyle navigation

We are bridging the information gap. ConsiderBeyond is a consumer friendly approach to enabling informed decision-making.

Despite the growing consumer demand to know beyond price tags, non-financial information (environmental and social impact) of a company or a brand is not yet widely available for consumers. We wish to bridge this information gap. Based on our professional knowledge and experience in the space, we have come up with a unique impact assessment method to analyze consumer brands.

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We noticed a lot of information was scattered around but it was hard to find a practical, convenient form.

If we could gather and organize all the resources and personalize it for you, it would make your conscious living simple and easy. And kicking off that mission is our ConsiderBeyond app.

Certifications and Standards

The sustainability industry is growing exponentially every day with so many certifications and standards. Of course, these are not free for brands to gain. However, they are efficient indicators for consumers to evaluate their values.

Be a part of the movement.

If your brand is not currently on ConsiderBeyond app, we would love to hear from you. We strive to learn together with you throughout our journey.

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