Learn about our ConsiderBeyond Attributes that highlight 24 aspects of a conscious brand we look for.

We believe transparency is the core of sustainability.
We support brands that are honest about their sustainability efforts and where they currently stand.

Sustainable Materials

We support companies that use sustainable materials.


We empower female-founded or led companies. ConsiderBeyond is also a female-founded company!

Supports Environmental Projects

We support companies supporting environmental projects like conservation or regenerative agriculture.

Local Community and Farmers

We highlight companies supporting local communities and farmers.


We empower companies creating vegan-certified products with no animal ingredients or by-products.

Fair Trade

We empower brands committed to promoting fairer trade and being transparent about the details.


We support companies dealing with organically farmed ingredients and products.


We support brands with a commitment to reducing waste by using recycled and/or upcycled materials.

Responsible Supply Chain

We empower companies committing to taking into social and environmental responsibility in their supply chain.


We highlight companies working to produce non-GMO food and products

Ethical Labor

We empower brands ensuring ethical and fair work practices.


We support brands using packaging resulting reduction of the environmental impact and carbon footprint.


We support companies creating products without any tests on animals.


We support brands certified by a third-party verification system. See our certification page.

Clean Ingredients

We support brands that have a strict internal standard on ingredients used - choosing to use healthier options and refraining from using toxic ingredients.

Gives Back

We empower companies that give back through donations, community projects, a one-for-one model, or any other similar forms.

Craftsmanship and Artisans

We support brands working with local craftspeople and artisans providing them better opportunities.


We support brands using innovative materials that break down naturally by organisms in an ecosystem.

Impact Reporting

We support companies publishing impact reporting to their stakeholders.


We support companies dealing with vintage/second-hand promoting a circular economy.

Carbon Footprint Measure

We support brands that puts effort to calculate carbon footprint of their business.


We support companies owned by black, indigenous, or underrepresented groups.


We support brands that operate resale/takeback programs to give new life to pre-loved items.

Green Facility

We support facilities and spaces that utilize environmentally-friendly construction, maintenance, and/or design.

collective action

Sustainability Is In Progress

Each brand on ConsiderBeyond will fall into at least one of these attributes. Some definitions of sustainability are still unclear and emerging. Sustainability actions are all in progress, likewise, our standards will continue to evolve over time.