What is Verified by ConsiderBeyond?

Build trust with rising conscious consumers, retailer buyers, and investors by adding a verified logo from ConsiderBeyond that gives a layer of verification to your sustainability claims. Reduce the risk of greenwashing with our framework and a seal of approval from experts in sustainability.

Woman applying hand cream to her hands with the ConsiderBeyond Verified logo displayed.
Woman putting on earrings with the ConsiderBeyond Verified logo displayed.

The Process

We ask brands to provide proof and evidence that support their sustainability claims. With a decade of sustainability expertise, we verify the information and ensure brands meet a high standard of transparency and accountability regarding social and environmental commitment and performance.


Further Credibility

We are not here to replace any other certifications that we acknowledge. Our verification service is uniquely offered for companies in the retail, fashion, beauty, and lifestyle industries to gain credibility and exposure in the market with ConsiderBeyond and connect with the rising ConsiderBeyond consumer community.

Woman applying hand cream to her hands with the ConsiderBeyond Verified logo displayed.



How long does the process take?

It should take 2-4 weeks from application to delivery of the ConsiderBeyond verified logo.


The purpose of ConsiderBeyond Verification?

The purpose of the ConsiderBeyond Verification is to ensure the transparency of a brand’s sustainability efforts. With our certification we require explanation on the brand’s impact communication, and the actions made to maintain them. In doing so, we hope to bring out the best in sustainable brands and help them translate those efforts to conscious consumers, globally.


How much does it cost to be Verified by ConsiderBeyond?

Depending on the size and revenue, companies will pay an annual fee. This will give companies the license to use intellectual property like the ConsiderBeyond verified logo and the opportunity to be more exposed as our verified brand on our platforms.


What evidence or proof do you ask for?

We ask for any evidence of the initiatives, activities and certifications you already have. We look for information that can prove any of our attributes: from woman-owned to ingredient information. We will also do our research on any controversy issues related to sustainability and go through any publicly available information about the company.


After The Verification Process

Businesses receive member benefits. To maintain verification status, businesses should update verifiable evidence every two years.


What if your brand does not meet our standards?

We do not guarantee Verified Brand status. However, we ensure you that we comprehensively evaluate all applications. In the case that your application is not successful the first time, we will provide opportunities to guide your sustainability journey in the future.