Graphic Cover page of the ConsiderBeyond Consumer Insight Report 2023 | Sustainability Perspectives

Report Summary

Our study was conducted by analyzing consumer survey data collected in 2022 and UX surveys from the ConsiderBeyond app. Our research reveals that, regardless of geographic location, consumers worldwide today are turning to more conscious consumption and lifestyle choices.

  • 52.4% of consumers find it difficult to search for conscious brands and products in their daily lives
  • When asked about which conscious lifestyle topics consumers would be keen to learn about, conscious brands/products constituted 76.2% of consumer answers.
  • Healthy Living and Less Waste are the top sustainability-related attributes conscious consumers are interested in
  • Consumers want to get educated about sustainability and their impact 
  • Consumers expect brands to have a bigger mission and are looking to support brands that align with their personal values
  • Consumers are seeking for approval and guidance on how to select more sustainable brands and products due to increasing risk of greenwashing and greenhushing
Consumer-facing companies have the opportunity to become leaders in the sustainability movement by understanding consumers' desires for positive environmental and societal impacts due to their consumption and lifestyle practices. By understanding conscious consumers’ views and mentality on sustainability, businesses can further sustainability efforts in their practices and transparent communication. This report includes our insights and recommendations on how to approach and win the hearts of the rising consicous consumers.

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