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ConsiderBeyond Conscious Brand Awards

The ConsiderBeyond Conscious Brand Awards aim to recognize the world’s best brands making great efforts to positively impact our planet and our communities. We acknowledge how difficult and costly it is to integrate sustainability, this is why we wish to spotlight the brands that are going above and beyond to be ethically, environmentally, and socially responsible.

Our evaluation process involved asking brands to tell us as much as possible about their sustainability efforts, taking into account both qualitative and quantitative information. We examined the attributes that the brands indicated and explained along with any verifiable evidence including, but not limited to, third-party certification licensing agreements, manufacturer certifications, information on packaging/ingredients/materials sourcing. We verified all of the information that we had access to and also considered subjective measures of sustainability, such as the level of transparency in their communication and their dedication to incorporating sustainability across their business and supply chain.

The 2023 Conscious Brand Award Winners

The 2023 Conscious Brand Award Finalists

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Why Enter the CB Awards?

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Join a community that sits at the intersection of conscious consumers and conscious brands
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Gain recognition for your brand by our team of sustainability experts and showcase your award badge

Entry Categories

The CB awards are open to all consumer brands in the Beauty, Fashion and Lifestyle categories from anywhere in the world. Winners will be chosen for each of the following categories:

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How to Enter

Apply for the 2024 ConsiderBeyond Awards here.

Benefits for Winners

Brand Promotion
Winners will be promoted via ConsiderBeyond’s newsletter, blog, and on our social media.
Consulting about conscious consumer insights, market trends and impact communication.
Marketing Materials
Winners will receive materials to promote themselves as a ConsiderBeyond Award winner.

What is ConsiderBeyond?

Born in 2021, ConsiderBeyond is pioneering in connecting conscious brands and conscious consumers worldwide and improving the information flow in the retail market. ConsiderBeyond app allows conscious consumers from 70 countries discover conscious brands that align with what they believe in. At ConsiderBeyond, we are pioneering conscious consumerism worldwide and are seeking to support the brands who share the same values.

Key Dates 

OctOber 12
00:00Am Eastern Time
december 28
23:59pm Eastern Time
January 18
january 31, 2023

What We Look For

We look for consumer brands that are making conscious efforts and decisions. Take a look at the attributes and certifications we look for in brands. An important part of this process is being transparent about their sustainability efforts. Brands should recognize where they currently stand in their sustainability journey and where they wish to be in the near future.