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We see a world where there are more conscious thinkers, consumers and businesses.

Our app was born to make your conscious lifestyle easier and better.
Discover brands and tips tailored to your personal values.
Thank you for being interested in our journey of making a positive impact on this world.

Path to Conscious Living

Having a socially and environmentally conscious lifestyle is hard.There's a flood of information and it's overwhelming knowing where to start.

Your Guide

Need a hand to search conscious brands and discover conscious lifestyle information?

Our beta app offers personalized discovery of brands and content based on your personal values - whether it is climate protection or animal welfare. Making your lifestyle journey more for you.

Conscious lifestyle is a journey. So is our app.We are improving and implementing your feedback to do better. ‍

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What we offer


Information that helps consumers make conscious decisions.

We are constantly figuring out how to provide better information on brands, trends and products to consumers. We are aggregating and analyzing brands and building our database to provide more and better.


Share the spotlight on conscious brands.

We have our unique impact assessment tool and selection process. We are not here to argue what is right and wrong, however we wish to create an environment where we encourage the brands to keep up the good work or help them change.


Conscious community dedicated to making better tomorrows.

As our next step, we want to provide a space where you can meet like-minded people. Coming soon.

Our Mission

Our mission is to help all consumers and businesses make and act upon informed decisions to bring a positive impact, together.

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