7 Eco-friendly Paint Brands for a Safe Home

May 14, 2023

Thinking about doing a living room makeover with paint or decorating your new house? The typical acrylic paint is made using plastic for its binder and dyes which not only emits harmful chemicals such as VOCs (Volatile Organic Compounds) but also pollutes the environment. For an eco-friendly paint job, consider these 7 brands that offer paints that look and feel good for you and the environment. Learn more about how these brands are sustainable on the ConsiderBeyond app.

1. Clare


Shipping available: United States

Find your color: Clare Color Genius for personalized color recommendations 

Clare makes paint shopping easy with zero VOC paint, designer-curated colors, and the best painting supplies delivered to your door. The paints are Greenguard Gold certified, meaning the ingredients have been tested to be low-emitting, contain fewer pollutants, and contribute to healthier indoor air quality. 

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Photo by Clare

2. YesColours


Shipping available: United Kingdom

Find your color: Color consultations with the team and YesColours’ Interactive Palette

YesColours focuses on local suppliers, communities, and circularity while being dedicated to color, innovation, and the environment. The paints are sourced and made locally in the UK without adding harmful chemicals like VOCs, APEs, and NPEs. Moreover, the packaging is made to be more widely and easily recyclable than the standard tin which is also less carbon-intensive during production.

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Photo by YesColours

3. The Real Milk Paint Co.


Shipping available: United States

Find your color: The Real Milk Paint Calculator to calculate how much paint you need

The Real Milk Paint Co. allows you to paint in a way that's easy on you and the planet. Their powdered milk paint is free of VOCs, additives, or distillates that can harm you or the environment. They instead use natural ingredients including iron oxide pigment, the milk protein casein, and lime.

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Photo by The Real Milk Paint

4. ECOS Paint


Shipping available: Worldwide

Find your color: Free color cards and Lullaby Paints for nursery walls, cribs, and children’s play areas

ECOS Paint wants to help create healthier living environments with their water-based, zero VOC paints, stains, and varnishes. Their eco-friendly paints are made to order and formulated without the harsh chemicals found in conventional paints whose odor can cause headaches, nausea, and worse. 

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Photo by Ecos Paint

5. COAT Paint


Shipping available: United Kingdom, EU

Find your color: 3D Colour Visualizer and Peel & Stick Swatches for £1 each

COAT Paints is driven by conscious principles and made for anyone who wants to transform their home without struggle. They operate on a 100% made-in-order and closed-loop recycling system where customers can return unused/leftover products for recycling and reprocessing in order to achieve zero waste production. The paints are 100% water-based, low VOC without any nasty solvents, and vegan and cruelty-free.

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Photo by COAT Paint

6. Earthborn Paints


Shipping available: United Kingdom

Find your color: Earthborn Paint’s Room Inspirations and Color Schemes

Earthborn Paints are child and baby safe, free from nasty paint smells, and healthier to live with. From highly breathable to eco-friendly, virtually VOC-free paints with no harmful emissions, the Earthborn paint range is available in a palette of beautiful colors. The brand has been awarded the first UK license of the EU Ecolabel for Indoor Paints and Varnishes which is the official European Union label for products certified for their low environmental impact.

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Photo by Earthborn Paints

7. Edward Bulmer Natural Paint


Shipping available: United Kingdom

Recommended: Edward Bulmer’s Advice on Choosing paint colors, Choosing eco-paint finishes, and Practical painting advice

Edward Bulmer Natural Paint is committed to developing sustainable paint products which means finding plant-based alternatives to plastic binders, azo dyes, and nasty chemicals. They responsibly source natural earth and mineral pigments to color the paints instead of synthetic dyes. Free of dangerous solvents, pesticides, herbicides, or toxins, their paint contains low VOC levels and is microporous which means it allows walls and woodwork to breathe naturally. 

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Photo by Edward Bulmer Natural Paint

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