8 Brands Offering Thoughtful Cleaning Products for Your Family

May 14, 2023

Traditional cleaning products are potentially harmful to people, animals, and the environment due to the chemicals used in achieving that squeaky-clean kitchen. Such products have been shown to link to adverse health conditions like asthma, skin irritation, cancer, and birth defects*; however, many labels fail to adequately maintain transparency about the ingredients used to create many commonly used cleaning products such as our mother’s sworn all-purpose cleaner 1. While more research by governing bodies is required to address the harmful nature of many traditionally used ingredients, according to the American Lung Association, products like aerosols, detergents and dish cleaners, and chlorine bleach, to name a few, contain VOC (volatile organic compounds) and other, lung irritating, toxic chemicals 2. Some additional ingredients determined to be potentially harmful include but are not limited to ammonia, ethylene glycol monobutyl acetate, sodium hypochlorite and/or trisodium phosphate, sodium hypochlorite or hydrochloric acid, and sulfuric acid, to name a few 3. As mentioned, many of these ingredients are caustic to skin, eyes, and lungs, and can be poisonous if accidentally ingested (Many are banned in the European Union and California). 

Furthermore, traditional cleaning products cause harm to the environment in various ways. Although these chemicals are processed through water treatment plants, small amounts of chemicals are released into ponds, rivers, and lakes, adversely affecting aquatic life. Phosphates, commonly found in laundry and dishwasher detergents, catalyze the rapid and expansive growth of oxygen-absorbing algae in the water, dediversifying the ecosystem 4. Plastic and water waste are other areas of concern around cleaning products as up to 90% of products are comprised of water and come in all plastic containers that are not biodegradable, recyclable, or reusable. All of which have adverse effects on the environment.

To address these issues, these conscious cleaning brands have taken up the helm of creating sustainability-driven cleaning products that are safe both for you and the environment. 

1. Homethings

Instagram | @get_homethings
Based in | United Kingdom
Shipping | United Kingdom
Price Range |£5-55
Certifications | B Corp, VEGAN Society

Homethings are cleaning up cleaning-they create powerful and planet-positive products that make sense, keeping your home (and our planet) clean. They have condensed active cleaning ingredients into non-toxic tablets so you can reuse and refill the same bottle repeatedly. The brand has committed to reducing plastic waste and has saved up to 32 tonnes of plastic to date. With a mission to be carbon neutral, cleaning products are 100% biodegradable, and to further promote its sustainability initiatives and transparency, Homethings offers its own impact report available on the website.


Photo by Baththings

2. Everdrop

Instagram | @everdrop
Based in | Germany
Shipping | Austria, Germany
Price Range |  €4- 25
Certifications | COSMOS ORGANIC by Ecocert, VEGAN Society, FSC, GOTS

Everdrop’s household cleaning products, dishwasher tabs, and laundry detergent are produced free of microplastics and avoid single-use plastics. The brand reduces packaging waste and its impact on the environment. To continue reducing its cleaning products impact on the environment, the brand offers refills, and utilizes a variety of sustainable packaging options including paper bags, glass bottles, tinplate storage boxes, RPET bottles, RHDPE bottles, and corrugated cardboard for shipping 5. Everdrop also makes a conscious effort to promote transparency of its products by providing ingredients for each product, along with explanations of each ingredients’ purpose for use and its influence on the environment 6. The brand directly invests in tracking and reducing CO2 emissions throughout its supply chain to take an active approach to sustainability, breaking down these numbers for easier understanding 7


Photo by Everdrop

3. Blueland

Instagram | @blueland
Based in | United States
Shipping | Australia, Canada, New Zealand, United Kingdom, United States (available in-store (Dallas))
Price Range | $7.50- 89
Certifications | B Corp, Climate Neutral Certified, Cradle to Cradle, EWG Verified, Leaping Bunny, USDA Certified Biobased Product, EPA Safer Choice

Blueland makes it easy to be eco with innovative products in reusable packaging that are convenient, effective, and affordable. They try to eliminate single-use plastic packaging through its Forever Bottle, which can be filled continuously by simply adding water, and source from environmentally responsible ingredients. The brand applies this sustainable mentality to its shipping as well by using recyclable packaging that is compostable, uses paper-based tape and water-based ink 8. And, never single-use plastic. Blueland reports that it has eliminated over 1 billion single- use plastic bottles from landfills and oceans since 2019. Water waste reduction is a main component in the brands sustainability initiatives, auditing its own water and energy usage to identify best practices 9. Going beyond environmental sustainability, Blueland support social sustainability by advocating for an intersectional approach to climate change and supporting organizations with similar goals 10.


Photo by Blueland

4. Package Free

Instagram | @packagefreeshop
Based in | United States
Shipping | Worldwide
Price Range | $6-25

Package Free provides the most sustainable versions of products you use daily. They aim to lessen waste from the source and are constantly working to take steps to reduce plastic usage, packaging, and overall waste. The brand has its own sustainability standards, Package Free Standards, that it requires for any marketplace brands on they offer on the website including ingredients, packaging, how they ship to us, and the labor used in the production of their products. Additionally, all Package Free product can be reused, refilled, composted, or recycled and are shipped 100% plastic free 11. Measured based on the daily use of their products calculated against how many of each product sold, Package Free estimates that since their opening in 2017, they have diverted around 132 million plastic bags, 48 million plastic straws, 3.6 billion plastic water bottles, and 647,000 plastic razor from landfills 12.


Photo by Package Free

5. Clean Cult

Instagram |  @cleancult
Based in | United States
Shipping | United States
Price Range | $7-65
Certifications | Leaping Bunny

Clean Cult is rethinking the way that cleaning products are made and packaged with the future of our planet in mind. There sustainability efforts start with their FSC certified paper-based refill product model with a biodegradable time of 5 years. Each product is 100% recyclable. This includes Clean Cult’s refillable and reusable shatter- resistant glass bottles.  However, the brand goes beyond packaging and ensures transparency for all formulas which are free from phthalates, phosphates, SLES, SLS, dyes, parabens. Furthermore, the brand follows the California Transparency Supply Chain Act for its operations. 


Photo by Clean Cult

6. Dropps

Instagram | @dropps
Based in | United States
Shipping | United States
Price Range | $12-75
Certifications | B Corp, VEGAN Society, EPA Safer Choice

Dropps offers consumers everyday cleaning essentials without the harmful chemicals, single-use plastics, and water waste, with the mission to positively impact the environment. Highly- concentrated products that are free from harmful ingredients and toxic pollutants reduce water waste and avoid from single-use plastic packaging. Products are formulated with plant and mineral-based ingredients that the brand commits to transparently and responsibly include on the ingredient disclosure sheet. Ingredients are sourced using high standards from supplier and businesses that operate in an ethnical and responsible manner 13.  Additionally, Dropps’ corrugate cardboard packaging doubles as the shipping package to avoid unnecessary waste and are fully recyclable 14. Packages are shipping solely via ground transportation with no expediting to reduce carbon emissions. Any carbon emission and greenhouse gases are offset through purchasing of carbon offsets to aim for carbon neutrality 15. Dropps does not stop at environmental iniatives but also promotes social sustainability buy supporting celebrating diversity and practicing inclusion in the business 16.  


Photo by Dropps

7. Humble Suds

Instagram | @humblesuds
Based in | United States
Shipping | United States
Price Range | $5-72
Certifications | B Corp, VEGAN Society

Humble Suds’ powerful multi-purpose formulas are made from familiar, pure, plant-based, and earth-derived ingredients that are safe for people, pets, and the Earth. The brand prides itself on open and honest transparent disclosure 17 of all ‘pronouncable” ingredients that are free from toxins and endocrine disruptors including phthalates, parabens, artificals fragrances, preservatives, and harsh surfactants. Each formula is made to comprise of no more than 6 ingredients and delivers an effective and outstanding clean that replaces many traditional cleaning products. All products come in recycled and reusable packaging. Furthermore, Humble Suds’ refill and recycle programs make it easier to maintain sustainable practices at the end of the products’ lives 18.


Photo by Humble Suds

8. Puracy

Instagram |  @puracy
Based in | United States
Shipping | United States, In-store
Price Range | $7-45
Certifications | Certified Cruelty-free

Puracy, meaning the state of being pure, offers 98.5% natural, plat-derived (Himiyalian pink sea salt, sustainable coconut, pure olive oil, and essential oils) formulas developed by biochemists and doctors with the safety of people, pets, and the planet in mind. Each highly effective formula is safe for individuals with allergies or sensitive skin and are free from sulfates, caustics, phthalates, animal byproducts, dyes, phosphates, chlorine, allergens, optical brighteners, perfumes, ammonia, formaldehyde, bleach, etc 21. A comprehensive list of ingredients is available for easy viewing on Puracy’s website to promote transparency.  All products are biodegradable and come in recyclable and refillable bottles to reduce plastic and water waste. Every purchase results in a direct donation to local charities that work with children and families in need.


Photo by Puracy

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