8 Tea Brands to Show Some Love to Yourself and the Environment

May 14, 2023

From Ancient times to now, tea has been a popular beverage in many cultures all around the world for thousands of years. Believed to originate in Ancient China around 2732 BC, when Emperor Sheng Nong, a herbalist, accidentally boiled leaves in boiling water, tea was primarily used for its medicinal properties due to its bitter taste 1. It wasn’t until around 3000 years later that the beverage became widely consumed throughout the Chinese empire and spread throughout other parts of the world 2. It was not until the 8th century that tea was actually introduced to Japan through Japanese Buddhist monks who had traveled to China for study, expanding and transforming into Japan’s own tea culture, such as the Japanese tea ceremony 3. Later, in the seventeenth century, tea was finally introduced to Europe and the United Kingdom, which has deeply ingrained tea into their own cultures, with the creation of many’s beloved milk tea’s origins being attributed to a Parisian woman, Madame de la Sabliere, in the 1600s. Tea was eventually transported to the New World by the British a century later 4

In modern times, tea remains a popular beverage around the world, from the avid, ungarnished tea drinker to the boba tea lover. Cultures around the world continue to consume tea in their everyday lives as a legacy of past traditions and growing trends of wellness, because of teas’ health benefits. However, studies have shown that the tea industry has a profound impact on the environment as production consumes significant amounts of energy and resources in order to yield large quantities. Fair Labor issues are another key concern in the cultivation of the teas we have come to love. That is why, below, we introduce conscious tea brands that hold sustainability at the heart of their brands’ missions.

1. Good Pharma

Instagram | @drinkgoodpharma
Based in | United States
Shipping | United States
Price Range | $5-88

Good Pharma unlocks the power of plants to transform modern life. Their whole-leaf teas are boosted with standardized extracts from functional mushrooms and adaptogenic botanicals. Ingredients are clinically studied, 100% traceable, potently dosed, and bioavailable. Each tea blend is created with self-care in mind 6. The brand’s Rxtracts, highly soluble mushroom and botanical granules, are sourced directly from local farms, where diversification and health of ecosystems guide practices. Proper storage processes ensure the longevity of the resources 7. For ease, tea bags have a convenient pour-over infuser. 


Photo by: Good Pharma

2. Pukka Herbs

Instagram | @pukkaherbs
Based in | United Kingdom
Shipping | United Kingdom
Price Range | $5-35
Certifications | B Corp, 1% for the Planet, USDA National Organic Program, COSMOS ORGANIC by Soil Association

Pukka Herbs was created with the purpose of benefiting the health of people, plants, and the planet. Based on values of organic farming, fair trade, and conservation through commerce, they strive to ensure that all the ingredients sourced and blended in their herbal creations meet strict social and environmental standards. Teas are packaged in FSC Certified card with vegetable-based ink print, and each individual tea bag is made from FSC Certified paper that is recyclable 8. The brand offers consumers direct access to its impact report to promote transparency in its sustainability practices and instilled its Mission Council to hold themselves accountable in their business activities to align with its goal of having a positive social and environmental impact 9. Pukka Herbs joined hundreds of other B Corps at COP25 to declare their commitment to achieving net zero by 2030. Currently, to balance their full carbon emission every year, the company works towards this goal by working with TreeSisters to plant trees in the Cauvery River Basin, and World Land Trust to work with local indigenous communities to create, protect, and manage forests 10.


Photo by: Pukka Herbs

3. Arbor Teas

Instagram | @arborteas
Based in | United States
Shipping | US and Canada
Price Range | $3- 34
Certifications | USDA Organic, Fair Trade Certified

Arbor Teas' mission is to deliver organic, Fair Trade teas in the most sustainable way possible. Only high-quality, organic certified, and Fair Trade certified teas, measuring up to strict standards, are selected and stored in cold rooms to maintain freshness. Most teas come from local origins unless the product has no organic and Fair Trade certified garden available 11. The brand has made a commitment to sustainability at the core of its business.  To lower the carbon footprint and their general impact on the environment, Arbor Teas only sources teas and herbs that are organic, uses sea freight and ground transportation methods, as well as promotes sustainable farming practices like biodynamic farming and low water-intensive crop 12. Sustainability extends to packaging, as each tea package is produced from cellulose material derived from wood pulp and is lightweight. Labels are composed of sugarcane-based paper. Each tea is left as loose leaf to remove the extra waste from the tea bag. All packaging is fully compostable and made from over 90% renewable raw materials 13.


Photo by: Arbor Teas

4. Teapigs

Instagram | @teapigsus
Based in | United States
Shipping | United States
Price Range | $2.50-36
Certifications | B Corp, Rainforest Alliance Certified 

Teapigs’ high-quality teas are grown in small batches and picked from the freshest shoots from the top of the tea bush 14. While not all teas are organic, they are tested against pesticides and contain natural ingredients. The brand utilizes alternative materials like corn starch, wood pulp, and vegetable ink for its packaging that is either compostable or recyclable to improve its environmental impact by reducing waste. Not all products’ packing is easily recyclable, but the brand is endeavoring to change this in the near future. Furthermore, Teapigs partners with partners that work with increasing sustainability like The Ethical Tea Partnership (ETP) and the Sustainable Restaurant Association 15. Investing in social sustainability, the brand is committed to giving back to the communities where it sources its tea through its ethical scheme, working directly with The Point Foundation to support orphans and vulnerable youth in Rwanda. They have raised 550,000 GBP so far 16.


Photo by: Teapigs

5. Yogi

Instagram | @yogitea
Based in | United States
Shipping | US in grocery stores, worldwide (online)
Price Range | $4-25
Certifications | Rainforest Alliance Certified, B Corp, USDA Organic, Non-GMO Project Verified

Yogi’s high-quality teas are made to do more than just taste good. Inspired by the holistic healing philosophy of Ayurveda, teas are formulated to comprise both deliciousness and health benefits. The brand offers over 40 tea blends made from 140 exotic spices and botanicals blended with intention and aligning with its values of balancing body, mind, and spirit 17. However, for Yogi, sustainability is also an essential part of its values. Starting in the supply chain, suppliers are rigorously selected and audited to ensure maintenance of best practices outlined in the Yogi Global Supplier Expectations Manual, which outlines “supplier expectations for Integrity; Labor Practices and Human Rights; Health, Safety, and Environmental Sustainability; Product Responsibility, and Transparency in alignment with international recognized standards”. All ingredients are regularly tested for standards and quality and are non-GMO, artificial ingredient-free, and ionized radiation and sewer sludge-free. Tea packaging is made plastic-free from a blend of manila hemp fibers and wood pulp, and free of gluten, GMOS, corn, and the eight FDA-recognized allergens. Print ink is vegetable-based, while tea cartons are constructed from 100% recycled paper, and boxes are 60% recycled materials. Tea bags are compostable once staples are removed 18.

Yogi Tea is available worldwide by ordering online through the websites available on its website.


Photo by: Yogi

6. Numi

Instagram | @numiorganictea
Based in | United States
Shipping | United States
Price Range | $8-81
Certifications | Fair Trade Certified, B Corp, USDA Organic, Climate Neutral Certified

With the purpose of combating climate change, reducing plastic waste, and providing fair wages as well as opportunities for tea farmers worldwide, Numi hopes to create a long-lasting positive impact through its high-quality, Fair Trade, organic teas, and activities. Each customer purchase helps contribute towards the brand's goals. The brand partners directly with local farmers and encourages direct involvement in the development of the supply chain, fair wages, and safe working conditions according to international standards 19. Regenerative practices are implemented through compostable plant-based tea wrappers created from FSC® certified paper lined with sugarcane-based non-GMO PLA and metallized eucalyptus 20. Additionally, Numi has developed a 5-step climate action plan to combat climate change 21.


Photo by: Numi

7. Organic India

Instagram | @organicindiausa
Based in | Multi-national
Shipping | Unavailable
Price Range | $6-40
Certifications | B Corp

Organic India strives to serve the health and consciousness focused, resulting in a business model that focuses on the beneficial economic, environmental, and social ecosystem. Its teas are influenced by Ayurveda, which focuses on tea’s health benefits. All teas are formulated with Tulsi (Holy Basil), an adaptogenic herb used for more than 5,000 years 22.  To ensure that its tea production is environmentally sustainable, the conscious tea brand implements bio-regenerative farming practices that provide a positive environmental impact, while also economically and culturally revitalizing rural farming communities in India. Partnerships with 3,000 farms and promotion of community healthcare, education, and social change for women have been achieved so far 23


Photo by: Organic India

8. Rishi Tea

Instagram | @rishitea
Based in | United States
Shipping | Worldwide
Price Range | $3-87
Certifications | USDA Organic

Rishi, meaning truth seeker in Sanskrit, is an independently owned direct importer of premium, organic teas and botanicals from around the world, and 95% of all products are certified organic. Sustainability, both environmental and social, are an important aspect of this tea business. This is implemented through various business practices across the supply chain and production shown in its three pillars of business, Selector, Importer, and Maker. Under Selector,  Rishi Tea supports farmers who grow ecologically sustainable gardens of high-quality tea and botanicals in remote areas globally. Furthermore, products are purchased directly from artisan growers and special producers. All origin-sourced teas and botanicals are made through ancient and modern techniques following a strict code of ethics and well-being management 24. Additionally, tea packets are made from plant-based material, polylactic acid (PLA) 25


Photo by: Rishi Tea

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