7 Stylish and Consciously-made Jewelry Brands

May 14, 2023

More jewelry brands are committed to the sustainability journey from using recycled materials to empowering local artisans who make the jewelry pieces. Here are a few jewelry brands on our radar that may be one of our lifetime jewelry pieces you fall in love with. Learn more about how these brands are sustainable on the ConsiderBeyond app.

1. Soko Jewelry

Instagram | @shopsoko
Shipping | Worldwide
Sustainability Certifications | B Corporation

SOKO Jewelry, a certified B-Corp brand, supports artisan entrepreneurs in Kenya through the sale of jewelry made from eco-friendly reclaimed materials. They utilize their platform to connect marginalized Kenyan artisans and help reduce inequality and poverty.

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Photo by Soko

2. Ana Luisa

Instagram | @analuisany
Shipping | Worldwide

Ana luisa commits to being climate-neutral - their climate-neutral certified jewelry uses 100% sustainable lab-grown diamonds, and they source 100% recycled metals from previously owned jewelry, industrial metals, and electronics components.

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Photo by Ana Luisa


Instagram | @vraiofficial
Shipping | Worldwide
Sustainability Certifications | Climate Neutral Certified

Diamond mining has been a devastating industry for the environment and the people involved. To break this traditional way, VRAI customizes fine jewelry with diamonds created with zero carbon footprint and without any mining. VRAI creates pieces with sustainability at its core values and supports global causes and social organizations. You can schedule an appointment with VRAI's diamond experts or visit their showroom in LA, San Francisco, and Chicago in the US.

VRAI | ConsiderBeyond

Photo by VRAI


Instagram | @cled
Shipping | Worldwide

CLED uses discarded resources like glass bottles to create eco gems and jewelry. The jewelry is handcrafted in Los Angeles, California with sustainable and upcycled materials. CLED believes in the circularity of goods and continuously creates beautiful jewelry pieces with reused objects.


Photo by CLED

5. Dear Darling Berlin

Instagram |
Shipping | EU

Dear Darling Berlin, a female-founded enterprise, is on a mission to create responsible and sustainable jewelry. They work with manufacturers who are certified by the Responsible Jewelry Council (RJC) to create transparent, sustainable products. Dear Darling Berlin's jewelry pieces are locally and responsibly crafted in Germany and Italy from recycled silver and gold.

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Photo by Dear Darling Berlin

6. Bagatiba

Instagram | @bagatiba
Shipping | Worldwide

Bagatiba makes timeless jewelry ethically, responsibly, and sustainably. With closed-loop upcycling and sustainability initiatives, Bagatiba has been at the forefront of leading the jewelry industry to be more responsible. With collectible charms and rings, Bagatiba helps you build a timeless wardrobe.

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Photo by Bagatiba

7. Aether Diamonds

Instagram | @aetherdiamonds
Sustainability Certification | B Corporation

Aether Diamonds uses direct air capture technology to extract carbon dioxide from the atmosphere. The captured CO2 is then synthesized into hydrocarbon feedstock and then transformed into sustainable diamonds. All of this process is powered by clean energy and all items are made in the United States.

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Photo by Aether Diamonds

If you are interested in discovering more conscious brands, check out our Brand on Our Radar - ConsiderBeyond Directory, where you can discover sustainable brands from all over the world curated by ConsiderBeyond. Through the ConsiderBeyond App (IOS and Android), you can find local brands in your area or easily look for conscious brands during your travels! We actively aim to empower our Conscious Community members to keep learning more about conscious products and lifestyle tips through the ConsiderBeyond Newsletter where you can receive recommendations directly to your inbox twice a month!

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