Mindful Mixology: Influencers Who are Redefining Cocktails with Better Ingredients Alternative

September 4, 2023

Discover the Best Creators Crafting Healthier and Cocktails

In the world of mixology, we’re inspired by a wave of cocktail influencers who are championing the use of fresh, seasonal ingredients in their recipes. Gone are the days when cocktails were just about the spirits or common mixed drinks on the Happy Hour menu. Today, it's about infusing a medley of flavors that include ingredients like fresh fruits and aromatic herbs. These creators are crafting beverages that are not only a treat for the palate but also a celebration of nature's seasonal bounty. 

In addition to seasonality, there's also a rise of content featuring more health-conscious choices. Many creators are venturing into the realm of mocktails and innovative drinks incorporating tonics and probiotics, offering recipes that are not only alcohol-free but also brimming with nutritional benefits. These drinks, often infused with herbs, fruits, and botanicals, provide a great alternative for those seeking both taste and wellness. Here’s a list of influencers who are redefining the boundaries of traditional cocktails with their seasonal and health-focused drinks.

Photo by Join Jules


Perhaps one of the most well-known influencers in the cocktail world, Julianna McIntosh, also known as Jules, is more than just a mixologist. She's an educator and entrepreneur who is fostering a community of beverage enthusiasts. Through her Instagram account, she emphasizes the importance of understanding our drink ingredients, incorporating homemade ingredients. 

Photo by The Boozy Ginger


As a designer and photographer, Sarah Gualtieri crafts tasty cocktails that balance fresh ingredients with eye-catching photos. Each recipe on her feed is a harmonious blend of flavors and natural components, often featuring her own homemade syrups. Combining creativity with approachability, her recipes not only provide inspiration but are attainable for home bartenders to recreate. 

Photo by The Mindful Mocktail


With a focus on crafting flavorful mocktails, Natalie Battaglia at Mocktail Recipes offers a range of visually enticing alcohol-free beverages. Her Instagram showcases a diverse collection of mocktail creations, each highlighting her inventive approach and dedication to the craft. From vibrant citrus blends to intricate herbal concoctions, her profile is a gallery of mocktail artistry. 

Photo by La Maison Wellness


Billed as a mindful drinking platform. La Maison Wellness revolves around the principles of 'Remove, Replace, Reduce' when it comes to alcohol. By integrating mindfulness into the drinking experience, they offer a range of delicious cocktail recipes that either have low alcohol content or are entirely alcohol-free.

Photo by Garden Cocktails


In this enchanting account, New Yorker Stacie features content where the bounty of the earth meets the art of mixology. She includes fragrant herbs and ripe fruits straight from her balcony garden and transforms them into inspiring drinks. From aromatic infusions to unique garnishes, this account is all about elevating your cocktail game with local ingredients. 

Photo by Garnish Girl


Photographer and scientist Katie Stryjewski transforms ordinary cocktails into jaw-dropping inspirations with the art of garnishing. From meticulously carved fruit to elegantly adorned rims, every drink is carefully crafted with an ode to aesthetics. While her account is a feast for the eyes, she also includes personal anecdotes and detailed instructions in her recipes motivating home bartenders everywhere!

These influencers are pioneers in the realm of health-conscious and thoughtful mixology that values ingredients and their origins. In addition to sharing distinctive cocktail recipes, they inspire a movement that prioritizes wellness without sacrificing taste.

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