Sister*hood Vienna Founders' 15 Conscious Picks For Vienna

August 4, 2023

For us, conscious consumerism means considering both people and the planet before making a purchase. As the founding sisters of sisterhood, an interior store offering ethically sourced and socially conscious design pieces, we deeply care about the social sustainability of modern consumption and supply chains. We are lucky to live in Vienna, a city that offers plenty of destinations for conscious consumers. Here are our top picks that take you across the city, catering to all styles and aesthetics. Our curated list includes a bit of everything! From the pure minimalist to the eclectic maximalist, there's something for everyone. Enjoy our hometown of Vienna and definitely stop by our interior concept store, sister*hood, located in Zollergasse, 1070.

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Photo by Glein

Glein: One of our favorite Vienna-based fashion labels, with a beautiful retail space located just around the corner from our store. They offer all the essentials for conscious everyday living, from a basic tee to a basic jean.

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Dariadeh: Arguably one of Austria’s most well-known alternatives to fast fashion. Influencer-turned-entrepreneur Madeleine Alizadeh started her brand to offer a wonderful size-inclusive range of knits, tops, bottoms, and more. Our favorites are the colorful matching linen sets.

Burggasse 24: A premium vintage shop and cafe located in a gorgeous square. Here, you'll find funky styles and colorful retro combinations. Even if this isn't your fashion sense, we recommend stopping by because it inspires a more colorful and daring life! Grab a coffee and sit in the heart of Vienna’s creative scene or by the cozy fireplace (in winter).

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The Slow Label: This one’s for the minimalists. If you've been thinking about building a capsule wardrobe, then this brand is for you. For the longest time, it was only available online, but the brand, founded by Anna Laura Amenta, has finally opened its first store in Vienna. And the city is better for it!

Consches: A trendy and fun sustainable fashion brand for pattern lovers. Here, you can find many dresses, skirts, and pants cut in the most flattering style, suitable for work, brunch, and parties alike! What we love most? All pieces are produced only 200km from Vienna where our parents come from!

Living & Interiors

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sister*hood vienna: Yes, it’s cheeky but we have to include ourselves in this list 🙂

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Calienna: Calienna’s mantra is “Grow Every Day”. As a creative concept store, cafe, gallery and creative studio, it is dedicated to inspiring a relationship with nature and introspection through plants, thoughtful objects, books and conversation. 

NowWow: A life without plastic is not easy, but these two wonderful ladies make it much more possible. NowWow was founded by two friends who wanted to bring more plastic-free goods for cosmetics, household, and lifestyle to the Viennese market with the ethos “it matters that you try.” Their product curation is remarkable, and all items are so beautiful - household shopping has never been so easy on the eyes :) They are literally our neighbors, and we couldn’t have asked for better ones!

Flohmarkt Naschmarkt: Vintage and second hand is one of the most sustainable ways of shopping and there’s no better place to do that than at Naschmarkt. The whole vintage market is an experience in itself and you are surrounded by some of Vienna’s best restaurants. Other vintage stores we love are Vintagerie, Bananas Mobiliar, Lichterloh & many many more.

Grüne Erde: This one is a classic that even our parents’ generation loved and cherished. The furniture and lifestyle brand stands for high-quality, natural materials, and craftsmanship. It's the kind of thing where you say to yourself, “One day, I’ll be able to buy myself a Grüne Erde bed and I will keep it for the next 50 years”. Simple and elegant design with sustainable materials never goes out of style.


Veganista: The best vegan ice cream you can find all over the city. Many sugar-free or gluten-free options are available, and no additives. Much love for their refreshing basil & lavender flavors and a must-try when you’re in town.

Vollpension: As a social enterprise ourselves, we have the biggest respect for the cafe and community of Vollpension. The so-called “generation coffee shop” employs people who have retired and are at risk of poverty without income (given lack or insufficiency of pension payments). Vollpension brings people together in one of the most thoughtful, mindful, and wholesome ways possible! If you’re craving grandma’s cake, go visit!

Magdas Hotel: A hotel that is colorful, open-minded and curious - and most importantly, employs people with disadvantaged backgrounds. This is one of Austria’s first socially conscious and climate-friendly hotels, in pursuit of a more equal-opportunity world.

Habibi Hawara:This restaurant combines Viennese humor with Oriental hospitality, so it’s basically a match made in heaven. They serve up delicious Levantine meals and offer employment opportunities to refugees, migrants and displaced people. Habibi & Hawara is an icon in the scene of social impact in Vienna - and you can find their hummus and baba ghanoush in every single supermarket! A must-try!

Lotuscrafts: this beloved brand for conscious yogis & mindful individuals is popular across all of Europe, but only few people know that it’s actually based in vienna. Lotuscrafts offers aesthetic yoga & meditation props but also sportswear, all made from eco-friendly materials.

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